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"Darryl is a top notch attorney. We used him in a difficult real estate transaction with a difficult seller. When our out of state financing declined to make the loan due to the transient license associated with the property, he helped organize a loan with a local bank in 10 days. We met our closing date. The property had 3 unclosed and outstanding building permits, two going back 15 years, the work was completed but the permits never closed. Darryl is very well connected with the City and helped get everything straight in record time. Inspectors were there at the property in a day, permits closed out and closing took place within hours. My wife is an attorney.....and even she was impressed!"

- Joe Stroud

"Darryl has been the attorney for both my business and my personal affairs since 1994. I have always found him to be intelligent, thoughtful, caring and effective in taking care of my needs. I can recommend him unconditionally."

- Jon Allen

"...Darryl won't waste your time or money and will give you a logical and honest interpretation of the law on any particular case, and true possible outcomes - with an extensive and long legal career he will steer you in the right direction, even if cant help you. I have used Darryl as my private and business attorney (covering a wide range of issues from last wills and testaments, complex family issues, buying and selling real estate and mediation, to name a few ...) for over twenty years now, and I have and can highly recommend his advice, guidance and counsel!!"

- David Symons

"Darryl represented me for a real estate dispute involving two large properties. One issue was particularly difficult as it involved a property line encroachment dispute, where the other party claimed they were entitled to the property by adverse possession. The dispute appeared to be lengthy and expensive but Darryl marshaled the law and the facts to such an extent that the claimant backed down. .. It was handled quickly, and he was very cost effective compared to other lawyers I have used in the past...and he kept me up to date on what the status was without me asking for it...I have highly recommended Darryl to friends and business acquaintances."

- Marc Becker

"Darryl has been my attorney for well over 20 years. I do not keep such a lengthy professional relationship lightly. His advice has always been sound and because I always heeded Darryl's legal advice he has saved me many headaches as well as tens of thousands of dollars more than his fees.

- Daniel Reynen

"Darryl has been my personal and business attorney for many years. He is an excellent lawyer, very attentive, provides quick service reasonably. He cares about what he does. Extremely professional. I recommend him highly and without reservation."

- Kent Ducote

"Excellence...! I would highly recommend Darryl Fohrman if you are looking for an attorney. Extremely professional, reasonable rates, and quality work. He is knowledgeable and a pleasure to work with."

- M. Baxter

"Has been my lawyer for the last 30 years and that should speak for itself."

 - Jan Doelman